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J.C. McKinley

What People Are Saying

“After last night’s meeting, I have a new found respect for you…. How you can do this year-in and year-out without becoming a heartless [jerk] is beyond me.  It’s tough, thankless and really important.”
Eric Goldman
TBH Treasurer

“If we had you working here 15 years ago, we could have avoided a lot of the problems we have had.”
James Kaufman
Rabbi Emeritus at Temple Beth Hillel

“On behalf of all the Temple members, thank you for being here and continuing here.  I was on
the (Budget) Committee ten years ago, and there were lots of problems.”
Miles Klein
Former Committee Member

“Nicely written!” in response to a financial assistance letter I prepared.
Rabbi Sarah Hronsky
Temple Beth Hillel

“Thanks for always being there!  You are one of the temples greatest assets!”
Sue Dwyer – TBH Congregant, Gala Committee Head

“As usual, you have been most helpful.”
Tobi Schneider, TBH Congregant

“You’ve been most helpful and efficient!  Your quick response has saved much time and questions.”
Louise Sirota – HH Attendee

After meeting over the month-end reporting, at the end she said “everything is wonderful, and I do understand everything, just as you predicted!”
Claudine Douglas – TBH Director of Early Childhood Education

“Thanks. I look forward to reviewing these. I commend you on the prompt turnaround.”
Mark Rothman – TBH Acting Chief Administrator                                                      

“Thanks for always being there!  You are one of the Temples greatest assets!”
Sue Dwyer
Committee Chairperson

“Thanks for being so easy to work with.”
Liz Yung

Parent, with three kids in Temple schools

“You are patient and kind.”
Karen Kardan
Parent, with two kids in Temple schools

“Thank you for your warmth and understanding…  You are a perfect gentleman!”
Temme Karpf - TBH Congregant
Temple Member


Allocation of overhead across FTE.




Temple Beth Hillel


There is nothing more fun than a team working until 11:00PM every night for a week to hit a deadline.

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